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SK Inc. is committed to creating a sustainable future as an investment
specialist leading an ESG management.

At SK Inc., we constantly reinvent our business portfolio and promote ESG values to increase enterprise value and make our stakeholders happy.
We will not let the uncertain economic climate deter us from implementing Management System 2.0 this year, which was designed with a fresh viewpoint.
We aspire to accelerate our growth into a respected investment specialist on whom all stakeholders can rely.
To reach this goal, we will prioritize increasing corporate value in every endeavor and put what is in Financial Story into action.
We are taking a concrete step forward in this direction by focusing our investment on the four main driving forces:
Advanced Materials, Green, Bio (Life Sciences & Biopharmaceuticals), and Digital.
The Advanced Materials Investment Center is dedicated to building a high-growth portfolio
and delivering tangible outcomes while developing an ecosystem around key semiconductor
and battery materials. The Green Investment Center drives energy transition and industry-wide
net-zero efforts. To help make a healthier world, the Bio Investment Center secures new drug
development technologies and pipelines and reinforces CDMO capabilities. At the same time,
the Digital Investment Center invests in cutting-edge technology that can change
the game and drive digital innovation.
By ensuring that every investment is consistent with our overall portfolio management
strategy and cooperating with worldwide partners, we intend to increase our global
presence and bring positive change to society.
We remain committed to incorporating ESG considerations into our management system to
promote sustainable growth, and enhancing transparent and fair management practices in
accordance with our board-centered responsible management philosophy outlined in
Governance Story.
Unanticipated change always takes place. As we move forward, we know that the winds of
change could blow in our favor or against us. No matter what, our future will depend on how
ready we are for change and how well we can adapt to it.
We will stay future-ready to win the trust of our stakeholders and
bring greater happiness to all.

Jang, Dong Hyun
CEO and Vice Chairman SK Inc.
Jang, Dong Hyun CEO and Vice Chairman Sign

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