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CEO Message

SK Inc. is an investment specialist in pursuit of ESG Values and a sustainable future.
Our goal is to bring greater happiness to our stakeholder.


At SK Inc., we seek to create a sustainable future as an investment specialist. We are in constant pursuit of ESG values and innovation in our portfolio management. In this way, not only do we sustainably grow our enterprise value, but we also bring greater happiness to our stakeholders.

We aspire to grow as a ‘SUPEX (Super Excellent)’ player trusted and respected across society. I believe that faithfully following through on our ‘Financial Story’* and that provides compelling reasons for stakeholders to join SK’s vision’ will lead us to achieve this goal.

The year 2022 will be the year in which SK Inc. takes concrete actions to make a meaningful pivot towards becoming an investment specialist, and to have our three growth engines-Advanced Materials, Green Energy and Biopharmaceuticals-recognized for their value in the market.

As with the Advanced Materials domain, we will reinforce the ecosystem for semiconductor & battery core materials, and continue to chart a path into what can eventually become the next big thing, such as power semiconductors, to stay ahead of the game. SK’s existing strong energy businesses put us in the driver’s seat to realize our ambition to grow the Green business. This will also give us a competitive edge to stay ahead of the game in Hydrogen. Contributing to carbon reduction is also high on the agenda, hence bringing in an increasing number of green projects such as green solutions or alternative food. In Bio domain, we will further cement our position in small-molecules and biologics by securing a strong pipeline in new drug development. Furthermore, with our contract manufacturing capabilities, we will contribute to the global effort to improve public health.

As we further develop the three core areas, we will cooperate with global partners in project development, and make sure that each investment is closely aligned with our broader project management strategy. We believe that this will help us make a far-reaching positive impact across society and build a reputation as a true leading global player.

Going forward, we will continue to improve and share our ‘Financial Story’ so that its values behind it better resonate with both capital markets and members of society. At the same time, we leave no stone unturned in our pursuit of the answers to what more we can do as a corporation to serve you better and earn your trust. We at SK Inc. will embrace a new model for entrepreneurship and always endeavor to deliver greater hope and happiness to all.

*‘Financial Story’ : a strategy that describes how SK will grow its already strong business portfolio and realize ‘Deep Change,’

SK Inc. Vice Chairman & CEO JANG,DONG-HYUN