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Lee, Sung Hyung
Financial Division
The Financial Division strives to ensure stable financial operations, effective
investment resource management, and shareholder value enhancement
to help SK Inc., achieve continued growth as an ESG-oriented investment specialist.
We are responsible for managing treasury, accounting, and taxation affairs; offering decision-making
support through investment risk review; attracting external investments with optimal conditions; and creating
a virtuous investment circle through divestment. We strive to maximize total shareholder return through
dividend payment and share buyback so that our corporate value growth directly leads to greater shareholder
value. We will continue to earn the trust of our shareholders and stakeholders through close interaction and
ensure reliable and sustainable shareholder return.
Portfolio Mgmt.
The Portfolio Management Division supports the sustainable growth of
our investment portfolio with a focus on new growth engines to raise
our corporate value.
The Portfolio Management Division established the ESG-oriented “Financial Story” in 2021 and has successfully
renewed our portfolio centering on the four sectors of advanced materials, green, bio, and digital. The Division
manages our portfolio performance, reviews investment feasibility, and takes active steps to achieve
a virtuous circle in investment. It also strives to incorporate ESG practices and tasks into our everyday
business activities. It aims to contribute to raising the value of our portfolio through close communication
with all of our stakeholders.

Our Four Major Investment Centers

Kim, Yang Taek
Head, Advanced
Investment Center
The Advanced Materials Investment Center aims to take firm root as an
investment specialist in innovative technologies powered by its superior
insights and synergy with SK Group.
With the advent of the Fourth Industrial Revolution, the growth of the high-performance computing
chipset market and EV market have continued to accelerate. In this context, we are making aggressive i
nvestments in semiconductor materials, battery materials, and EV SCM. We plan to further our engagement
in such forward-looking areas based on our superior insights and synergy with SK Group member
companies to enhance our corporate value and stakeholder value.
Kim, Moohwan
Head, Green
Investment Center
The Green Investment Center takes the lead in the field of decarbonization
investments with a firm commitment to achieving Net Zero.
In line with the global movement towards decarbonization, the Green Investment Center is focusing on investment
and business opportunities for promising global assets in the areas of ‘Energy Transition’,
which aims to expand carbon-free power generation and consumption by replacing fossil fuels,
‘Industrial Transition’, which reduces direct emissions from industrial processes, and ‘Carbon Management’,
which directly removes and treats emitted carbon.
With a foundation of extensive and proactive investments in innovative climate change response solutions,
the Green Investment Center aims to secure green anchor assets that will serve as cornerstones
for SK Group’s future growth. The Center will take the lead in enhancing shareholder value through
forward-looking business creation.
Kim, Yeontae
Head, Bio
Investment Center
The Bio Investment Center focuses on reinforcing our presence as a
contract development and manufacturing organization (CDMO) and
developing new medicines.
We are reinforcing our position as a reliable CDMO partner to new drug developers powered by our strong small-
molecule active pharmaceutical ingredient (API) business as well as our drive in the cell and gene therapy (CGT)
business which is expected serve as a new growth engine. We are also seeking to foster the next SK Biopharm by
investing in new drug development companies and securing advanced technologies. In recognition of the
importance of remaining vigilant against new health challenges highlighted by the recent global experience of the
pandemic, we will focus on contributing to introducing new, innovative therapies.
Yoo, Gyeongsang
Head, Digital
Investment Center
The Digital Investment Center contributes to accelerating the digital
transformation of SK Group and society through preemptive investments
We focus on identifying new platforms with massive growth potential based on use cases and
data, such as the EV charging platform, beyond our existing targets including mobility
specialists (i.e., Socar and Grab). We invest in key technologies designed to drive the digital
transformation of various industries and preempt digital technologies that have far-reaching
impacts, such as AI, Web3, Emerging Robotics, Space technology. Digital infrastructure
(i.e., data centers), which forms the backbone of the digital industry, is also one of our
key investment areas of strategic importance.

Corporate Secretary Office

Kim, Do yeop
Head, Corporate
Secretary Office
Transparent and advanced corporate governance has become indispensable for sustainable growth as a globally renowned company.
SK Inc. was launched in 2015 as SK Group’s holding company. Since our foundation, we have strived to institute
world-class corporate governance. In 2021, our “Governance Story” was completed after much effort and meticulous
planning. It has served as the basis of our reinforced responsible management led by the Board of Directors.
The Board of Directors seeks to earn greater trust of all of our stakeholders as an investment specialist through
independent and transparent decision-making for every investment-related agenda, thus delivering what is
embedded in our “Financial Story.” We also stringently adhere to the “Governance Story” principles for CEO
evaluations, CEO candidate recommendations, for sound governance.
We pledge our full commitment to establishing corporate governance that advances the sustainable growth of SK
Inc. and ensures its global leadership as one of the world’s most sought-after investment companies.

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