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Business Introduction

Growth Portfolio SK Inc. has identified four sectors as our core areas of investment. Based on the belief that promoting these four growth engines will ultimately contribute to the betterment of society and the environment, we are increasing our investment in the areas to build an ecosystem centering around our anchor assets.

Environmental / Social
KRW 43.0 tn.
Companies in SK Inc.’s Investment Portfolio
Biopharmaceuticals 10.5 tn.
SK Biopharmaceuticals,
SK Pharmteco
ProteoVant Sciences, Standigm, Humming Bird
Advanced Materials 15.6 tn.
SK Hynix, SK On,
SK Materials
SK Siltron, SKNX, Wason, Solid Energy,
Green Energy 7.3 tn.
SK Ecoplant
Plug Power, Monolith, Perfect Day,
Nature’s Fynder
Digital & Others 9.6 tn.
SK Telecom ChinData, ESR, Datarobot, Socar, Grab

* NAVs in the table seen above are the average of NAVs analyzed by major research reports

Our Strengths SK Inc. seeks to establish a strong global ecosystem by investing in the four major domains. At the same time, we fully leverage our subsidiaries’ strong market position to continue to enhance investment outcomes.

Investment Strategy

Key Strengths