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Listed Companies

  • SK Innovation

    SK Innovation has played a key role in turning Korea, a country that does not produce a single drop of oil, into an energy powerhouse. The company started its business as Korea’s first oil refinery in 1962. Over the past half century, SK Innovation, as Korea’s leading energy and chemical company, has driven national economic development. In the next half century, SK Innovation will continue to pursue change and innovation to grow into a top global energy and chemical player.

    Listing date : July 25, 2007

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  • SK Square

    SK Square is an active portfolio management company with a wealth of experience accumulated through managing semiconductor and ICT platform businesses, and a proven track record of investment performance such as SK Hynix and SK Shieldus. SK Square possesses specialized investment insights into the semiconductor and ICT sectors as well as a unique positioning with its subsidiary company SK Hynix, a top global semiconductor supplier and sister company of SK Telecom, Korea’s no.1 telecommunications company.

    Listing date : Nov 29, 2021

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  • SK Telecom

    SK Telecom has been driving the development of Korea's mobile communications industry, commercializing the world's first CDMA in 1996, the world's first LTE-A in 2013 and the world's first 5G in 2019. The company was also the first in the world to launch a 5G commercial service, marked by wide coverage, high speed and strong security. With the spirit that has led the evolution of the industry, SK Telecom is set to move forward to pursue Hyper-Innovation to improve the quality of customers’ lives and accelerate the growth of the Korean economy.

    Listing date : November 7, 1989

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  • SKC

    SKC is a leading company in the film and chemical materials industry. Leveraging its advanced technology and know-how, SKC will expand its business into high value-added and overseas markets, and secure future growth engines. Furthermore, SKC will take another step forward to grow to become a top global advanced materials provider of high value-added and high-performance specialty products.

    Listing date : July 18, 1997

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  • SK Networks

    SK Networks was founded as Sunkyong Textiles, the precursor of SK Group. The company boasts strong domestic and international networks, as well as great business partners and logistics capabilities – the key strengths that enable the company to be involved in a wide range of areas. Going forward, SK Networks will accelerate the growth of its rental business, which is at the center of the Fourth Industrial Revolution era. At the same time, the company will build on its experience and know-how to expand its business globally, and deliver improved profitability and growth.

    Listing date : June 30, 1977

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  • SK Biopharmaceuticals

    SK Biopharmaceuticals, with its strong global networks in Korea, the United States and China, has successfully developed and launched innovative new drugs targeting the global market. Building on such accomplishments, the company is committed to growing as a global FIPCO (Fully Integrated Pharma Company) to cover an entire value chain from discovering investigational new drugs to marketing.

    Listing date : July 2, 2020

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Unlisted Companies

  • SK E&S

    SK E&S was launched as a holding company of its city gas business in 1999. It has since expanded its scope of business to include LNG, electricity, community energy, renewable energy and overseas energy. SK E&S operates and supplies electricity from its natural gas power plants. The company secures competitively priced LNG, thus ensuring stable electricity supply and demand in Korea. SK E&S aspires to become a Global Clean Energy & Solution Provider both in Korea and overseas.

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  • SK Siltron

    SK Siltron is the only semiconductor wafer manufacturer in Korea, and it has grown hand in hand with the semiconductor industry over the last 35 plus years. Armed with a record-long history of mass production and accumulated know-how, the company expands its production capacity in a preemptive manner and continues to strengthen its manufacturing and technology competitiveness. At the same time, the company is expanding its business portfolio to include emerging areas such as SiC wafers. This lays a strong foundation for SK Siltron to grow to become one of the world’s best semiconductor materials players both in production volume and profitability.

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  • SK Ecoplant

    SK Ecoplant is solidifying its position at home and abroad by carrying out projects in diverse areas, for example infrastructure (national infrastructure such as roads, railroads and ports) and construction & housing (premium residential projects and large-scale development projects). The company is also a global leading player in Engineering, Procurement and Construction. For example, SK Ecoplant has successfully won and carried out many projects across the world such as large-scale petrochemicals, power generation and semiconductor facilities.

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  • SK Pharmteco

    SK Pharmteco is a global contract development and manufacturing organization specializing in the production of active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs), intermediates and viral vectors for cell and gene therapy for the pharmaceutical industry. SK Pharmteco operates six facilities in Europe, North America and Korea. Thanks to such a strong global network, the company has flexibility to meet the needs of pharmaceutical companies and expertise to comply with the regulatory requirements of developed countries. The recent trends suggest stricter regulatory standards and global companies’ changing preferences towards CMOs based in developed countries. This would provide tailwinds to SK Pharmteco’s growth as the company is equipped with a proven record of successful inspection and great facilities. In addition, the company boasts specialized technology platforms that can handle continuous processing, energetic chemistries and high potency manufacturing. Being able to produce highly sophisticated drugs, SK Pharmteco is widely regarded as a trusted partner to its pharma clients.

  • SK Forest

    SK Forest has planted a total of 4,000 ha of forest in Chungju, Cheonan, and Yeongdong over the past 40 years. This is to secure long-term financial resources for scholarship projects and be part of the national forest restoration effort. In fact, the company’s contribution to afforestation, silviculture and restoration has been widely recognized. In particular, the special deciduous tree complexes in Chungju, Cheonan and Yeongdong plantations play a pivotal role in corporate forestry as the only ‘Special Forest Business District’ designated by the Korea Forest Service.

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