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Anti-bribery Policy

For pursuing sustainable happiness of employees and stakeholders and
realizing social value through ESG business management,
SK Inc. establishes Anti-bribery Policy as below.

  • 1All employees at SK Inc. are prohibited from acts related to bribery.
  • 2All employees at SK Inc. are required to comply with anti-bribery laws and SK Inc.’s regulations and policies that are applicable to business conducts.
  • 3SK Inc. establishes an anti-bribery management system that meets global standards, and improves the anti-bribery management system continually through implementation and monitoring.
  • 4SK Inc. promotes employee participation in anti-bribery activities without fear of reprisal through encouraging the raising of concerns in good faith and implementing a protection policy for whistleblowers.
  • 5SK Inc. takes appropriate disciplinary action strictly against personnel who violate the anti-bribery policy and explains the consequences to employees.
  • 6SK Inc. ensures the authority and independence of the organization and personnel in charge of the anti-bribery.
  • 7All management of SK Inc. commit to support the efficient implementation of the anti-bribery management system.
SK Inc, Vice Chairman & CEO JANG, DONG-HYUN