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Company Overview

We are an ‘investment specialist’* in pursuit of stakeholder’s happiness

* We identify and invest in areas with high growth potential and grow our enterprise value with effective portfolio management.

  • New Growth Portfolio

    With the goal of growing our corporate value, we continue our efforts at bringing innovation to our business portfolio and discovering and fostering future growth engines.

    Fostering areas with a high growth potential including biopharmaceuticals and semiconductor
    & battery materials and hydrogen

    Establishing a global eco system by leveraging SK Group’s R&C (Resources & Capabilities)

    SK Inc. boasts globally competitive operating companies in diverse areas such as energy, chemicals, information and communications, materials, logistics and service. We take a long-term view when developing investment strategies in the belief that doing so will strengthen our competitiveness. SK’s strong business management and financial stability serve as the foundation for sustainable growth. And we at SK work hard to increase shareholder value. Our effort does not end here. We also discover and promote new growth engines for SK’s future. Biopharmaceuticals, materials and hydrogen–areas that promote ESG values are good examples. We understand that securing global competitiveness in such promising areas requires a sustainable investment with a long-term horizon in mind. All this work brings value to customers, employees and shareholders. This ultimately contributes to social and economic development and promotes greater happiness.

  • SKMS

    We uphold and advance the SK brand and SKMS, the foundation of SK management

    Promoting the SK brand, a core intangible asset and the key source of SK’s competitiveness

    Disciplined implementation of SKMS in actual business management

    SK Inc. practices and develops SKMS – SK’s value and unique corporate culture. The SK brand is a core intangible asset and the key source of SK’s competitiveness. We, therefore, will further develop the SK brand and apply SKMS in actual business management. We will take on new challenges and pursue innovation to continue to create value even in a rapidly changing global business environment.